Let us give you an information bookmakers will kill to keep a secret. 97% of punters in the sports betting industry are suckers – including you. These turf accountants are taking your money like it was candy from a sick baby at the intensive care unit.

Nontheless, what if… what if we told you there really are people on this planet who make a living from sports betting? They send their kids through school, pay off their mortgages, and lavishly buy groceries through making strategized and informed bets. Unbelievable right?

The betting industry has evolved over the years with the first online betting sparking into life in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and & Processing Act, removing the obstacle that prevented organizations from acquiring licenses to open online casinos.

Fast forward to now. The internet has made sports betting so accessible, a 9 year old kid with a smartphone is capable of making a huge killing without adult help. And professional punters are raking in the cash too. In this nourishing guide, I’ll teach you how to turn your losses around and set you on your merry way to succeed as a professional punter.

  1. Nothing like a sure bet

There’s no such thing as a sure bet. Disregard con artistes who try to lure you to their sites and make you pay exorbitant fees just so you can have access to their ‘100% guaranteed’ selections. Some go as far as saying the selections they have given you are ‘fixed’ with already predicted outcomes.

Steer clear of those sites. If you’re going to part with your money, make sure it’s with tipsters who have high a high standard of integrity and who tell you first and foremost the information you’re paying for is only based on experience and the use of proven techniques in sports betting.

The goal of a professional punter is to take luck out of the equation or make it so irrelevant. Then it becomes inconsequential to the outcome of a bet. This does not mean you are not liable to incur losses from time to time but the longer you stick with your strategy the likelier for your bets to start paying in.

  1. Never stake bets with funds you cannot afford to lose

This one is as old as time itself. Empires have been won and empires have been lost at the roll of a dice. Never stake bets with money that would hurt your bank balance. This is one of the tenets of responsible betting.

  1. Maintain a level head

You have to master the art of staying calm when you win and particularly when you lose. Inexperienced bettors have a proclivity towards placing more bets in the vain hope of recovering losses. This is betting without a strategy and can only lead to financial ruin for the bettor. Know when to cut your losses and run.

  1. Put your eye on the price.

Select odds that provide good value for your money. Never take odds that are lower than what you think it should be even if you’re absolutely sure in your gut the bet is going to win. You’re selling yourself short and that isn’t a good strategy to make money.