It is not news that tennis features into the top ten most betted sports in the world by sheer volume. As a sport with lots of frenetic action, tennis offers a lot of ‘action’ for bettors willing to invest the time and effort into learning the rules of the game. For beginners, it is pertinent to understand that tennis is either played as singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. Playing with one person on either side of the net is a single. Two players partnering on opposite sides of the court is known as a double. Mixed doubles is the same for doubles but with a male and female player as partners. Games are won by winning more ‘sets’ than your opponent and the objective is to prevent your opponent from returning the ball to your own side of the net. Now we’re done with the preamble, let’s get to the good stuff.

Points to bear in mind; there are quite a few points to bear in mind before placing your bets in tennis. First, it’s compulsory to know that all players have different strengths and weaknesses. This makes them better suited at certain events than others. A dominant player in grass may be deplorable in clay.

Another important point to observe is that tennis players will have different skillsets. Some players have a strong right while others utilize a strong left. Other skills include all-rounders, baseline players, and big-servers. A tip in tennis betting is to look at the head-to-head records between certain players making a decision on your bet.

There are four major tournaments known as “Grand Slams”. They begin in the middle of January with the Australian Open at Melbourne followed by the French Open in May, then Wimbledon in June-July, and the year closes with the US Open in August – September. A Handicap in tennis is when one player is given some sets as won over their opponents. The key is for Player X to win with the handicap advantage or Player Y to level the game and take the win.

A Handicap is usually a good bet when a top seeded player is playing against a wildcard. It is naturally expected for the top seed to crush the opponent due to the higher level of skill, stamina, and experience wielded by the player. But top seed players began their careers as Wild cards so an upset is also fair game.

Money Line betting is simply placing your bets on who you think would win the game. Total games refer to the amount of sets that are played out before a match is decided. It is left to the bettor to choose whether or not the games played would be ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ the amount set by the bookmaker.

When a bettor takes odds on an ‘Outright’, it simply means placing your money on the player you think would win the tournament. For beginners in tennis betting, it is advisable to start placing your bets on the Outright and Money Line events until you have a more in-depth understanding of tennis betting.